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Why you need to lower your blood pressure...NOW!

While you can’t feel many of the health effects of high blood pressure, it is still causing your body damage. That’s right, damage each and every single day you are suffering from the condition.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure and haven’t taken action yet, then this article is for you. Listed below are the key reasons why you need to lower your blood pressure today. Not tomorrow, but today.


Arteries serve a very important role. They supply all of your organs and tissues with the oxygen and nutrients they need to operation and function well. Having high blood pressure causes a variety of health problems to your arteries. The key ones include:

- Damage and narrowing: That’s right the constant pressure ruins the elasticity in your arteries and also causes them to thicken and narrow. Fat’s start to collect and soon you could have blocked arteries. Once progressed, this can lead to heart attack, multiple organ failure as well as stroke. Not good things!

- Aneurysm: High blood pressure can cause a weakening of the arteries and a bulge known as an aneurysm. If this ruptures then you have life threatening internal bleeding. Again, much better to lower your blood pressure before problems like this occur.

High blood pressure can cause the following two conditions:

- Enlarged left heart: High blood pressure makes your heart work harder. Over time, this causes the left ventricle to thicken and affects the ability of your heart to pump blood around your body. A heart attack can potentially occur. The condition can also lead to heart failure where your heart becomes overworked and eventually struggles to function.

- Coronary artery disease: This occurs when plaque builds up on the arteries and blood is restricted from flowing into the heart. Chest pains, arrhythmias and heart attacks can all occur from this condition. High blood pressure is an indicator of coronary artery disease.

Your brain needs a constant supply of blood. Without this you are going to have some major problems. High blood pressure can impact on this blood flow by affecting the main arteries and blood vessels that led to the brain. As soon as blood supply is restricted you run the risk of a mini-stroke or a stroke.

A stroke occurs when any part of the brain is not supplied with oxygen or essential nutrients. It can be from the restricted arteries, or a rupture or a leak. It’s much better to lower your blood pressure than run into these risks in the future. The bad news is the above health issues are just the tip of the ice berg.

High blood pressure can affect your whole body including kidneys and liver. Why take the risk? Lower your blood pressure!

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